Our Services

Standardised Audit Activities

As a network-independent external service provider available for the outsourcing of audit activities pursuant to Art. 50a of the WPO, we offer to unburden your audit engagement teams from annual audit activities by assisting with standardised audit activities.


  • Automotive
  • Chemicals/pharmaceuticals
  • Financial services (such as fund and bank auditing)
  • Public sector
  • Commerce
  • Industrial production

Standardised Audit Activities

  • Reprocessing of data from previous years
  • Reconciliation and recalculation of mass data
  • Assistance with verification statement procedures
  • Obtainment of letters of representation
  • Recalculation of management fees (e.g. those charged by mutual funds)
  • Activities within the scope of audits relating to the Securities Trading Act
  • etc.

Administrative Services

  • Creation/reviewing of presentations
  • Clerical work (editing)
  • Printing services for audit reports
  • Marketing
  • Drawing-up of process and control flowcharts
  • Translations
  • etc.

Over and above standardised audit activities, we also assist your audit engagement team with the execution of complex auditing procedures.

  • Involvement in stocktaking
  • Process mapping
  • Gaining an understanding of the ICS relevant for financial accounting
  • Gaining an understanding of aspects relating to components of the ICS
  • Gaining an understanding regarding control activities
  • Gaining an understanding of the supervision of controls
  • Substantive analytical procedures
  • Auditing of notes/management report check-lists 
  • Reviewing of board minutes and correspondence with the client’s legal adviser 
  • Assistance with the creation of audit reports
  • etc.

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