About Us

With scalestaar, you get a strong team of experienced auditing professionals and highly motivated, performance-driven commercial clerks to assist with your auditing needs, as well as technicians to ensure the safety of your data transfers and paperwork within a secure cloud environment. The founders of scalestaar, Sandra Briggs and Alexander Thelen, hold themselves personally responsible for the quality of deliverables as well as IT security and reliability.

Sandra Briggs, a graduate in business administration and managing partner of scalestaar, is responsible for the operative business, expansion, and personnel of the company.

She has been active in the fields of auditing and consultancy for 20 years, 17 of which were spent with “Big 4” accounting and consultancy firms, notably in the areas of Audit Financial Services and as the team leader of a Shared Service Center (SSC) for fund auditing.

As audit manager, Sandra supervised several annual audits, resource allocation audits, ISAE 3000 audits, and ISAE 3402 audits of banks and financial services institutions, as well as auditing investment funds. As fund auditing SSC team leader, she aided in the SSC’s establishment and supervised the auditing of annual security reports of almost all German investment companies applying standardised audit procedures.

Alexander Thelen, a graduate in business administration and managing partner of scalestaar, is responsible for the company’s IT infrastructure as well as Finance, Marketing, and Administration & Implementation. He is specialised in IT solutions for the auditing profession and, in the context of streamlining and managing the company’s IT environment, is responsible for all ways in which the latter is operated in areas such as process management, service management and digitisation, development and revision of the company’s IT strategy, launching and supporting a global scalestaar platform as well as the advancement and transformation of the global IT organisation through building global process and competence fields.

Furthermore, Alexander is responsible for positioning scalestaar’s digital service offerings within its competitive environment, which involves the development and implementation of marketing strategies, new forms of digital advertising, and cross-media concepts.

Alexander has had 20 years’ worth of management experience on the international stage. Among other things, he managed the coordination of trade relations between Germany, China, and Taiwan at a medium-sized textile company and acted as Creative Director at several large marketing agencies.

Alexander also functions as scalestaar’s Data Protection Official.