Get Your Audit Opinion, Stress-free

  • Relieve your audit engagement teams of audit activities
  • Minimise the burden on your operative business by leveraging resource management
  • Reduce personnel requirements for audit engagement teams
  • Profit from an attractive fee structure
  • Use your own tools and templates
  • Our service is legally compliant
  • Spatio-temporally flexible audit execution:
    With scalestaar, no premises need be provided – neither yours nor your clients’, given that we operate in the cloud and all data is exchanged digitally. Moreover, we not only use state-of-the-art communication media, but document our deliverables electronically.
  • To ensure the secure exchange of sensitive data, we use IDW PS 880-certified software in an ISAE 3402- and ISO-certified private cloud in highly secure German data centres as well as topical encryption technology.
  • Lean and efficient audit execution
  • No more risk of creating bogus self-employment when using freelancers